Welcome to Cps

Welcome to CPS.

Literary Activities


Confidence adds glamour to the personality of an individual. So, to enhance the confidence and ability to speak constructively and at a glance, Self Introduction competition was organised in the month of July for classes 3to 5 and speech competition for classes 6 to 12.


Handwriting Competition:

It has been said that handwriting is the mirror of one’s personality. Good and effective handwriting always leaves a mark on the reader. Handwriting competition was conducted in the month of April to make the students realize the importance of neat and presentable handwriting.



To enhance the speaking skills in students different activities are organised. Recitation /Kavita Vachan competitions was organised in month of Oct. and Nov. in which students participated with great zeal.

Story telling:

Stories not only attract kids but youngsters too. Story telling is an art which make the students a good narrator. It may sound simple but it is a technique in itself which enhances the skill of narration and help students in being an effective orator. Overwhelming response from the students made it the most successful event which was conducted in the month of Nov. 



To bring out the innovation and to explore the interest of students in research and new ideas, science exhibition (Nirman) was organised in the month of July for all classes . Participation of students was overwhelming in it.

Cross word puzzles and word building competition:

In order to enhance the word power and enrich the word bank of students  cross-word puzzles and word building  competition was organised in the month of July and October in which students participation was overwhelming



Science quiz was organised in the month of November for classes 6 to 12 to explore their scientific temperament.