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Welcome to CPS.

CPS Master Chef

Master Chef Competition:- fireless cooking

                               The master chef competition was organized on the month of august for Group 2 Group 3 and Group 4.  The activity enhance the students aware of healthy eating habits further, the activity also helped them to know about various cuisines around the world. It further honed their culinary skills and they learnt how to calculate nutritional value of their dish on their own they also leant the importance of working without littering.



 Winner:-Rashi Singh- 5A- Aaruni

 Runner Up:-Aanya Garg -3B-Eklavya



 Runner Up:-Swastika Mishra -6C-Aaruni, Upasana Sadhukhan-6C-Aaruni


 Winner:-  Devika Dewangan -12 comm. Eklavya

 Runner-up :- Aryan Bansal  -10A-Eklavya, Pratyush Shrivastava-6C-Aaruni