Welcome to Cps

Welcome to CPS.


                         “Dance and song is the most enthusiastic and expressive means to shower and adhering to its long/lasting impact a oneself solo song/solo dance competition was organized on the month of July for Group 3 and Group 4 students.

Irrespective of the student aims to be an artist in future or not a mere dance/song competition helps to develop various skills in a child that will be useful in the long-term. It enforce kids to gain emotional strength and to accept criticism and rejection gracefully .It increases self confidence and self esteem in children. It helps kids overcome stage fear and face audience without any anxiety.

Group 3 (Solo Song Competition)-

Winner :-Pratik Anurag -8B –Eklavya, Runnerup :- Lemesh Bisen -8b-Eklavya

Group 4 (Solo Song Competition)-

Winner:-Ekta Seth -12th comm.-Arjun, Runnerup :-Muskan Singh -10A-Eklavya

Group 3 Solo dance Competition –

Winner : Ridhi Pashine 6th A Aaruni, Runner up: Suman Sarvodaya Sahu 7th C Aaruni

Group 4 Solo dance Competition –

Winner : Aastha  Shrivastava 12th Comm Aaruni, Runner up: Anshika Taunk 9th A Aaruni