Fitness Week Celebration

Fitness Week Celebration



This year due to ongoing situation the CHHATTISGARH PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrated “FITNESS WEEK” online in the month of December 2021. With the aim of taking forward the mission of Fit India Movement. Focusing on the objective to develop ‘Sports Quotient’ among the students of CPS to achieve a healthy lifestyle and enhancing their immunity power. On the first day of the week students started the online session of yoga with warming up followed by different Asana.


(First day of Fit India Week)

         Students were taught various ‘breathing exercise and Asana’ also with the motto to develop respiratory system the understanding for regular physical activity under the guidance of physical education teacher.


(Second Day of Fit India Week)

CPS being geared up for the 2nd   day of the “Fitness Week” Online students Assemble for “Free hand Exercise” to enhance strength endurance and flexibility. We council the students that “Fitness does not come easily, one has to work hard to keep one’s body and mind fit.

In order to keep mind fit students ought to keep mind filled with positive thoughts


 (Third Day of Fit India Week)

On the third day of the week classes 5th to 8th participated in ‘Poster Making Competition’ based on the theme “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” or ‘Fitness for different age/ class’. The competition concluded with the brief to the students that health is not just physical appearance on how fit you look, it is equally important to be mentally fit. A person enjoys what he/she does when thinks on a positive note.


(Fourth Day of Fit India Week)

On fourth day of the week varied physical activities were performed by the students like yoga, skipping etc. All these activities are health promoting physical activities. Highlighting the sole objective that their constant practice would enable the students in the prevention treatment and management in several health circumstances. In present scenario these activities keep theme fit. It was conducted with a view to influence every student’s life physically, mentally, emotionally and morally.


(Fifth Day of Fit India Week)

On Fifth Day of the week Essay/ Poem writing competition was conducted based on the theme “Fitness Beats Pandemic” laying emphasis on not just physical fitness rather on holistic wellness. All these activities are enjoyable and the aim of the essay/ poem writing was to encourage the students to inculcate physical activities and sports in everyday daily lives and daily routine.


(Sixth Day of Fit India Week)

On sixth day of the week Creatively using home based equipment for sports and fitness. So our students performed ‘Fitness Circuit’ (Performing an activity by drawing a ladder on the floor with a chalk piece or crayon).